All you need to know about Eco Lovers

Our founder talks about his journey towards Green Dating

The founder of, Nick Shread, is a hard working soul, according to his own biased opinion. Outside of work he also finds time to spend working on his allotment, playing hockey for Cobdown hockey club and treading the boards performing in amateur theatre productions.

Nick doesn't claim to be the greenest person on the earth, he considers himself to be typical of the members on - someone who tries to do their bit for the environment, no matter how small. We all have our part to play in making our time on the earth a more harmonious one, regardless of how big or small the part we play. We can start by doing the small things such as recycling bottles and card board, cycling rather than driving etc.

As we become more aware of our burden on the planet then we can increase the number of ways we reduce our impact. Nick's eco-credentials are growing all the day, with his concern for the environment around him encouraging him to take the following steps:

  • Switching the energy provider for both his business and home to a 100% renewable energy supply from Ecotricity
  • Recycling glass, plastic, cardboard, food products and anything else that can be recycled
  • Cycling to as many activities as his legs can manage!
  • Actively giving and receiving items on Freecycle, Freegle and EcoBees
  • Shopping in his local village, 5 minutes walk from his front door
  • Keeping ex-battery hens to roam free and produce eggs for friends and family, reducing the need for caged hens
  • Composting waste from his chickens and kitchen waste to use on his allotment
  • Growing a large proportion of his own food on his allotment, reducing the need for food to travel around the world for his benefit

How did move from an idea of country dating or farmer dating and become a reality?

With Nick spending more and more time at the allotment it became apparent that there were many single people there who had wonderful principles about their lifestyle and influence on the environment. With Nick's experience in running a number of single parent dating sites he got to thinking about filling a need to help people with a love of the world around them find a likeminded partner. There were a number of alternative dating sites providing dating for farmers and countryside fanatics, but Nick felt that he was in a prime position to bring eco dating to a wider audience.

We feel that the empathy and compassion shown by people following a green lifestyle makes them an ideal partner, an opinion formed from our own personal experience. We'd like to think that you will agree with this finding when you use to find your own life partner. We'd love to hear from you about your experiences with green dating on - especially if you've found your ideal partner that we can write about on our members success stories page!

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